Intellectual Property Clinic

non-law students

Non-Law I.P. Students

Patent Agent (IP Studies)

A Patent Agent student must be eligible to take the Patent Bar Exam. Lincoln’s one-year Patent Agent Program is designed to teach students how to draft and prosecute patents in a clinical setting. The Patent Agent Program also prepares students to take the Patent Bar Exam.

I.P. Law Students

Patent Attorney (JD + IP Studies)

A patent agent has a license to represent clients only before the USPTO. A patent lawyer may represent clients also before a legal court (such as a federal court). Patent agents must pass the patent bar exam, and patent attorneys must pass both the Patent Bar Exam (to obtain their Patent License) and a State Bar Exam (to become licensed as an attorney). Lincoln students pursuing a Juris Doctor in preparation for the California Bar Exam may take IP Studies courses and participate in the IP Clinic as electives.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are accepted year-round. The Clinic generally runs on Saturdays
during the Spring semester which runs from January – May.

STEM Degree

An undergraduate degree or the equivalent background in a math or science related field of study listed in the Patent Bar requirements is required for students wishing to participate in the patent program. All 2nd – 4th-year law students qualify for Trademark studies, assuming completion of the prerequisite course as well.


Complete our online application and submit the $60.00 application fee.


Submit official transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate schools within 45 days of beginning school.

Additional Documentation

Write and submit a signed statement of intention (500 words or less). Include a resume and two current letters of recommendation.

If you are interested in participating with the IP Clinic or have any questions about participating,
please contact us at

Patent Agent Program


To be eligible for the Patent Agent Program, potential students need to qualify to sit for the Patent Bar Examination.

All Students

What to Expect

Patent Agent Program students are required to register for participation in the IP Clinic.  Additionally, during the Fall semester, students participate in a patent bar review course, and during the Spring semester, they participate in a patent prosecution course.

What if I'm interested in patents, but do not qualify for the patent bar?

At a minimum, if you do not qualify for the patent bar, you can still qualify to participate with our trademark clinic, which does not have any technical prerequisites. Additionally, keep in mind that patent litigation attorneys and patent brokers, among other positions, do not require the patent bar. The patent bar is required in order to write patent applications and participate with securing the rights to an invention for your client. However, the effects of the patent (e.g. litigation, selling, asserting rights, etc.) do not require the patent bar. That being said, if you do not qualify for the patent bar but still want to receive such training via our patent clinic, we encourage you to still reach out to us to discuss how you potentially could get involved.