Intellectual Property Clinic

Law Students

Law Students


To participate in either the patent or the trademark clinic, a student will need to have completed at least one year of law school and the pre-requisites outlined below. 
Trademark clinic participants do not have any further requirements.
Patent clinic participants must have an undergraduate education that would qualify them to sit for the Patent Bar Exam. Please refer to the Patent Bar requirements here.

Patent Clinic Pre-requisites:
Introduction to Intellectual Property (1 unit)
Introduction to Patent Clinic (1 unit)
Patent Application Drafting Part 1 (1 unit)
Patent Claim Drafting (1 unit)

Trademark Clinic Pre-requisites:
Introduction to Intellectual Property (1 unit)
Introduction to Trademark Clinic (1 unit)
Trademark Prosecution (2 units)

All Students

What to Expect

Students participating with the IP Clinic are expected to put in at least 120 hours of work for the spring semester (40 hours per credit and the Clinic is 3 credit hours). This time is consumed by the following:  classroom lecture and supervisor training, working on client matters, counseling clients, and providing public lectures, among other possible activities.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are accepted year-round. The Clinic generally runs on Saturdays during the
 Spring semester which runs from January – May.

STEM degree

An undergraduate degree or the equivalent background in a math or science related field of study listed in the Patent Bar requirements is required for students wishing to participate in the patent program. All 2nd – 4th-year law students qualify for Trademark studies, assuming completion of the prerequisite course as well.

Student Applications

Complete our online application and submit the $60.00 application fee.


Submit official transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate schools within 45 days of beginning school.

Additional Documentation

Write and submit a signed statement of intention (500 words or less). Include a resume and two current letters of recommendation.

If you are interested in participating with the IP Clinic or have any questions about participating,
please contact us at

What kind of work do students perform?

Students of the clinic will perform intake interviews, provide counseling in IP matters, evaluate invention or mark disclosures, determine patentability or registerability, counsel on intellectual property strategy, conduct prior art searches, draft patent or trademark applications, review Examiner Office Actions, and provide related counsel to clients on U.S. patent or trademark applications and prosecution. Our students have also assisted from time to time in providing free lectures to the public on intellectual property topics as well.