Intellectual Property Clinic

The Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose (“Clinic”) is a pro-bono clinic that operates during the spring academic semester from January through May for community client work. Client applications are accepted for consideration from September 1st through October 31st each year.

Students also have the opportunity to work on their own IP filings year-round through our IP Clinic Mentoring course.

The Clinic includes the only patent clinic and is one of two trademark clinics in all Northern California. Additionally, it is strategically located to facilitate interaction with the USPTO satellite office in Silicon Valley.

What We Do

The IP Clinic provides, free of charge, the following services:

Patentability and/or Registerability Searches


Patent and/or Trademark Application Drafting


Responses to USPTO Correspondence


Ready to Start Working with Us?

To apply for services, the Clinic accepts applications for review only during the months of September-October. If an application is submitted outside of the window of review (outside of the time period), it will not be processed.

Our Supporters

Because we are a pro-bono clinic, we exist based on donations and the generous time of others.