Student Experience

The IP Clinic allows students to have “hands on” experience in working with professors, inventors, businesses, and other entities. Under the direction of a supervising attorney, students work with clients in areas of trademarks and patents. Students interact directly with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file and prosecute patent and trademark applications. This IP Clinic is the only non-ABA USPTO approved clinic in the United States, and is one of only a limited number of patent and trademark clinics nationally.

The IP Clinic provides, free of charge, the following services: client counseling, patentability and/or registerability searches, patent and/ or trademark application drafting, responses to USPTO correspondence, and Examiner Interviews, among other services.

The IP Clinic at Lincoln provides two different tracks to participate: a first track for law students and a second track for non-law students.

If you are interested in participating with the Clinic, students need to contact the school at by the end of June. The Clinic for the following academic year is finalized during the month of July, and the Clinic begins during the month of August.