About Lincon Law School of San Jose

Lincoln Law School of San Jose continues more than an 88-year tradition of seeking to provide California with lawyers who possess practical skills and superior ability. The Law School is an opportunity school--a school that seeks a student body as diverse as the population of our state, and provides a quality legal education to individuals who are qualified to study and practice law but who, because of prior economic or social circumstances, might not otherwise be able to do so.

Our distinguished faculty is composed of judges and practicing attorneys, who not only know their subject areas but, as a rule, have practical legal experience in the area of the law they teach. The faculty is dedicated to the mission of providing an equal opportunity to those seeking to become California lawyers. It is a hallmark of our faculty that they are here primarily because of their love of the law, their love of teaching, and a fervent desire to impart their legal knowledge to the next generation of attorneys. A union of spirited faculty and students, seeking to quench their thirst for knowledge, creates an elixir conducive to a cooperative learning process. While this process is demanding, it is also rewarding for both professor and student.

Our School is small, and our students have the opportunity to learn in a collegial and supportive environment that facilitates dialogue and debate. It is the objective of our classroom activities not only to teach the law, but also to impart those analytical skills necessary for critical thinking and rational analysis of the law. We know that it is insufficient to simply know the "rules". The competent lawyer learns the reasons for those rules, and the basis upon which they may be permissibly modified or rejected. As an evening law school, with very modest tuition, we continue a respected American tradition of providing a legal education as a pathway and integrative force in a very diverse community.

In the tradition of our namesake and the American experience, I welcome you to inquire about our School, and invite you to Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

Laura Palazzolo
Lincon Law School of San Jose