Britten Sessions

Britten Sessions is a patent attorney at Zilka-Kotab, PC. He has years of experience in working in every stage of the patent process, including early-stage IP opportunities, strategic preparation and procurement of patents, and alignment of patent portfolios with business strategies. Currently, Professor Sessions manages the IP Department at Lincoln Law School. Additionally, he teaches several classes relating to intellectual property, patent practice, and IP portfolio strategies. He has authored many publications, including a 600 page textbook, and several peer-reviewed articles.

Mr. Sessions grew up in Orange County, California, received his B.S. in chemical engineering from Brigham Young University, and then received his J.D. from Santa Clara University. He is active in the community, serving on several organization boards, and giving many presentations a year to the public.


Mitesh Patel

Mitesh Patel is a member of Hopkins & Carley’s Corporate and Intellectual Property Practice. His practice includes working with clients on domestic and international trademark and copyright prosecution and enforcement, branding and advertising issues, internet and privacy law, and technology transactions. Mitesh is also an adjunct instructor at the University of San Francisco School of Management, teaching classes on Legal & Regulatory Environment of Business, and a supervising attorney at the Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.


Elizabeth Chien-Hale

Elizabeth is an international patent attorney with work experience in both U.S. and Chinese law firms, as well as U.S. companies incluidng Apple and Eaton. She is sought out by universities and professional organizations for her U.S. and cross-border patent expertise, especially with respect to China, in both prosecution and litigation.

Elizabeth has acccepted in-depth leadership roles in organizations such as the American Society of International Law (Executive Council) and the American Bar Association (currently on Council of the Intellectual Property Law Section).

She has lectured and written frequently in both English and Chinese on IP issues, including policy, patent procurement, and litigation.


Bill Baker

Mr. Baker is a Lincoln Law School graduate and former student of the Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose who has been instrumental in helping develop and produce the introductory Intellectual Property materials available to students enrolled in online Intellectual Property classes. Outside of the Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, Mr. Baker is a Patent Engineer at San Jose boutique patent firm, Zilka-Kotab PC.