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Welcome to the IP Clinic at Lincoln Law School


The Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose ("Clinic") is a pro-bono clinic that operates on an academic calendar year basis, and is open from late August to early April.

The Clinic includes the only patent clinic, and is one of two trademark clinics in all Northern California. Additionally, it is strategically located to facilitate interaction with the USPTO satellite office in Silicon Valley.

Although the Clinic wishes to provide services to all, the demand for the Clinic services requires that we impose some restrictions (such as the submission process) on potential clients. Additionally, for those with a financial need (e.g. not to exceed 150% of federal poverty guidelines, as shown HERE), the Clinic does not impose any geographic restrictions. However, for those that do not have a financial need, the Clinic only provides services to those within California, with a preference for those within driving distance of San Jose.

Submit a Form for IP Clinic Services

  • To apply for services, the Clinic accepts applications for review only during the months of May-June. If an application is submitted outside of the window of review (outside of May-June time period), it will not be processed. The deadline for applying for services (for the following academic year) is the last day of June every year. During the month of July, all submitted applications are reviewed. The Clinic will indicate by the end of July whether your application was placed in the queue for services for the following semester.
  • You can submit an applicaton form to be reviewed HERE

  • Download a Brochure on the IP Clinic

    • For more information on the Clinic, feel free to download the Clinic brochure HERE